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Aula di Lingue - Planet English / Planet English
Cabin fever and its remedies - Vocabulary

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to fare  |  manned  |  to crack  |  to devise  |  snowbound  |  to cope  |  calisthenics  |  leisure  | to acknowledge  |  to dine

1. Instead of saying 'to have dinner' you can say '________' .
2. Push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks are examples of ________.
3. There's so much snow outside that we can't even open the front door. We're ________!
4. In my ________ time I practice my hobbies.
5. ________ with difficult and dangerous situations is an astronaut's everyday job.
6. NASA has launched several spacecraft; some were autonomous, others were ________.
7. If you ________ something, you admit that it exists or that it is true.
8. The engineers at NASA are trying to ________ a spaceship capable of taking people to Mars.
9. You want to know how I ________ on my driving test? I passed it!
10. Just like a plank of wood can break under too much weight, a person can ________ under too much pressure.
Completamento apertoCompletamento aperto

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